1Q84 – A World with Two Moons and the Cat Town

I have almost believed there are two moons in the sky. Even I am not reading the original version in Japanese but an English translation by Jay Rubin and Philip ­Gabriel, I had been absorbed into the story by Haruki Murakami. Jay Rubin and Philip ­Gabriel were doing excellent job in translating the book.


Haruki Murakami was so great in describing the details in the setting, the emotion of the characters and the scenes. The story started luke warm and I put it down when I reached chapter three or four. Luckily I picked it up again some time later. The story developed to be magnetic. Though there is not much surprise in the ending, I had been flowing with it throughout the book.

You may find summaries of the book around easily but I don’t believe there is one which can replicate the excitement of reading the real book. I did not read the real book, instead, I read the kindle version.


There are some great quotes in the book.

“… the package itself is the contents.” said Ayumi while having a drink with Aomame.

“What we call the present is given shape by an accumulation of the past.” said by Tengo while having an intimate moment with his older girlfriend.

“… I could be called a pillar of society without the least bit or irony.” said Tamaru while giving a pistol to Aomame.

“There had been beautiful ones and warmhearted ones and ones who truly cared for him, but they had come and gone, like vividly colored birds perching momentarily on a branch before flying off somewhere.” There were girls around Tengo but none was as good as Aomame in his mind.

“‘True’, I don’t eat meat. That was no lie. I’m going to take you home in my mouth and trade you for lettuce.” A vegetarian cat told a rate he met.

“… flesh that does not exist will never die, and promises unmade are never broken.” Aomame’s thought while recalling Tengo’s touch of her hand.

“Wakeful nights often give people useless thoughts.” Ushikawa called Tengo’s home late at night.

“The first step of all faith is to recognize its existence, accept it and revere it absolutely.” Buzzcut told Aomame about what his religion.

“Once you pass a certain age, life is just a continuous process of losing one thing after another.” Ushikawa said to Tengo knowing he had lost his older girlfriend.

“… nothing costs more and yields less than revenge, … “ Aomame spoke to the Leader about the death of Ayumi.

” … if you focus too much on formalities, you can lose sight of your original purpose. … The important thing is not the frame itself but what is inside the frame.” Buzzcut told Aomame that the Leader could hear the voice and provide the content to fill the frame.

“… I did nothing wrong, what I did was break the law.” Aomame justifying herself after killing the Leader.

“… the most important things are to be careful and persistent. Danger comes the moment you relax.” Tamaru reminded Aomame of her action to kill the Leader.

“With great knowledge comes great responsibility.”

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