A Dirt Cheap DIY Toy Made by Expired Credit Cards

Whenever I have a new wallet, I could always find some unwanted plastic cards – expired credit cards or membership cards. Instead of throwing them away, I made it a toy for my son. It took only three minutes and $0 to make it.

See how it works.

The material we need:

diy toy_material1. 2 x unwanted plastic cards. They can be credit cards, membership cards or bank cards

2. 1 x rubber band

3. Some tape


Step 1 – Use a paper puncher to punch a hole at each card.

diy toy_by credit cards

Step 2 – Tie a rubber band at on of the card.

credit card diy toy

Step 3 – Tie another card.

credit cards diy toy

Step 4 – Tape the cards together.

diy credit card toys

Step 5 – Bend the taped joint and tape at the other side.

diy credit cards toy

The taped joint can be bent in two ways – the rubber band is stretched or the rubber band is relax.

Bend the joint with the rubber band stretched and put it on the floor.

It jumps.


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