Arduino Project Case

Arduino simple project

I am currently busy experimenting with my new Arduino UNO kit. It is so easy to program. Given my limited workbench space and the diversity of projects, I need some means to switch projects quickly and tidily.

Moving and storing the Arduino UNO, the breadboards and the connected jumper wires can easily mess up, if not ruin, the effort of a whole afternoon. I need a case to protect my unfinished projects.

Arduino new homeI searched through my workshop and found an abandoned accessory box. Good. It is an abandoned resource to make my Arduino’s experiment house. I drilled eight 3mm holes on its lid. Fixed the Arduino and the two breadboards by eight M3 screws and twelve nuts.


Inside Arduino

I had to raise the the Arduino a bit and had the USB and the power sockets raised above the rim of the box lid.

Arduino Sockets

Excellent. I can have my experiment paused at any stage by just cover and lock the project box. All the wiring and components are undisturbed. Open the box and the project can be continued. Now, I can have my hardware “saved” and “opened” just like the software codes.

Arduino project

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