Black and White Photography by Leica CL

Eventually, I finished the roll and developed it. The photos are more grainy than I predicted. Maybe I haven’t taken black and white film photos for some time and I have forgotten how the grains look like.

I brought it along with me to everywhere I went.

black-and-white_06This was taken one day after work. The light was mostly front the signs around. The sky was almost dark. I quite like the spectrum of gray displayed. I used the Leica Summicron-C 1:2/40 lens at f4 1/60s.

At the adjacent block, there was a street performer.

black-and-white_05I increased the shutter speed to 1/120s and compensated it by opened the aperture to f2.8. The shutter was fast enough to freeze the spinning clothes.

At the back street there was a used book stall. It has been there for at least three decades.



Some shots along the


black-and-white_04The vignetting of the kit lenses less serious than I expected.

Inside a shopping mall, I made a few shots.


black-and-white_01Want to see more, I pinned the rest of the roll at Pinterest. They are at higher resolution and you can see the grains of the film photos, though they are being scanned to a digital format.

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