Canon Serenar 35mm f3.5 – A lower cost alternative of Leica

I always want to buy a Leica Elmar 3.5cm f3.5. It’s handy, compact and sharp (what I have perceived from reading various references).

A good quality Elmar is not easy to find.

One day, I found a mint Canon Serenar 35mm f3.5 lens with the original rangefinder. Also the original leather pouch. Its price was a fraction of an Elmar.

Canon Serena 35mm 3.5

The front and rear caps are also original and marked as from occupied Japan.

Canon Serena 35mm Leica M39

There is a nice loop in the pouch holding the finder nicely. The lens is resting in the lower deck.

Canon Serena 35mm viewfinderI took it out with my Fujifilm X-E1.

Canon Serena 35mm sample Canon Serena 35mm sample 3 Canon Serena 35mm sample 2

I like the high contrast in black and white.

In a sunny afternoon, every leaf was crisp and sharp.

Canon Serena 35mm photo 2

You may want to compare it with the Leica Elmar 5cm f3.5. The power of the Leica lens is shown at the four corners of the photo.

The blue sky at above and below.

Canon Serena 35mm photo 4

Canon Serena 35mm photo 1

More sample photos…

Canon Serena 35mm sample photo

Canon Serena 35mm photo 3

Canon Serena 35mm photo

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