A Colorful Day with My Leica Summicron-C 40mm / f2

The Summicron-C is from my Leica CL kit. It can hardly be used in other rangefinder cameras as they don’t have the 40mm frame line.

It works just fine on my Fujifilm X-E1.

leica summicron-c 40mm

In a sunny afternoon, I took it out for a walk. The theme was “colour”.

Right out of my house.

leica f2 summicron 40mm

The lens performs best at f5.6 to f8. This is done by the legendary f5.6.

leica summicron 40mm f5.6

Another one by f8.

summicron 40mm


It’s not a bad idea to have a cool drink.

summicron-c 40mm f2


What a crowd of shooters.

leica summicron 40mm f2

I was one of them 😛

leica summicron-c 40mm f2

HTC… not my cup of tea.

leica summicron-c

Will take some black and white next week.

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