DIY Camera – Photos of Twin Lens Film Camera

Eventually, the film is developed. 31 photos survived in the 36 exp roll. My heart almost skipped a beat when I took over the envelope of photos.

model camera and film

Have a quick look of them.

diy toy cameraI must admit that focusing is the greatest challenge in using the full-manual camera. Aperture and shutter speed control has not been a problem because they are fixed – I cannot do anything on them.

This is the one I like very much.

toy camera twin lens_0011

I applied the same focusing trick as using the lensbaby muse – focusing on repeated objects spanning a distance. It is impossible to miss all of them. The picture must have something sharply focused. The results often surprise me.

toy camera twin lens_0007


toy camera twin lens_0003


toy camera twin lens


toy camera twin lens_0002


Capturing specific object requires some luck. Luck was with me while I was taking some pictures.

toy camera twin lens_0004


toy camera twin lens_0001

The experience is remarkable.


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