DIY Digital Photo Frame by Kindle Keyboard

I have recently addicted to film photography, especially taking black and white photos.

I found the photos displayed on computer screen (yes, I have to scanned them) looks quite different from those printed on paper.

There was an idea flashed in my mind of showing the black and white photos on e-ink display. The paper-like non-glowing display may sprinkle another flavour on the photos.

I downloaded several pictures to my kindle keyboard and make it a DIY photo frame for black and white photos. You don’t need to root or do anything to risk the kindle.

Step 1 – Plug the kindle keyboard to the computer by a USB cable.

Step 2 – Create a folder at the root of the kindle file system and name it “pictures”. Other names are not going to work. The kindle OS will only read pictures from the folder named pictures.

kindle folder

Step 3 – Inside the “pictures” folder, you may create as many albums as you like. I’ve made two – “black and white” and “color”. Again, if you dump photos in the pictures folder without another layer of sub-folders, kindle cannot find the picture.

kindle photo folders

Step 4 – Transfer the photos to the folders. Kindle will treat each folder as an individual photo book. Don’t forget to resize the pictures to 800 x 600 or less. Higher resolution will not give better quality picture on the kindle screen but takes longer time to load.

black and white kindle


color kindle

Step 5 – Disconnect the kindle from the computer.

Step 6 – Check the kindle book list. Yes, the new photo books are not there.

kindle keyboard setup

Step 7 – Press the buttons “Alt” then “z”. Wait a few seconds. The kindle will search for the pictures folder for the picture books. (Yes, you can read from the screen that I  am currently reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami.)

kindle display photo



display photos on kindle keyboard

Step 8 – The kindle has found the new photo books.

Step 9 – Open the books and enjoy the pictures on the e-ink display.

photo frame

Select the landscape mode to see the picture in full stretch.

kindle photo

digital photo frameThe original picture taken by Leica CL.

Leica CL


Let me know if you like it. Thank you for reading.

DIY Digital Photo Frame by Kindle Keyboard
Article Name
DIY Digital Photo Frame by Kindle Keyboard
Convert a kindle to a black and white digital photo frame. Display photos on e-ink screen. It gives another flavour of the classic black and white photos. It is not required to root or risk the kindle.

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