DIY Toy Motor – Cannot be Simpler

I recently found there are a number DIY toy motor posts or videos in youtube and other blogs. Among many of them, this is the simplest one I can think of. It amazes kids from three to eighty-three.


diy toy motor components

A coin, some magnets (I used five), a battery (a used one is good enough) and a short piece of wire.

Step 1 – put the coin between the magnets.

diy toy motor step 1Step 2 – Put the battery’s positive to the magnet. The magnet should hold it nicely.

diy toy motor step 2Step 3 – Put the wire on the battery. Make sure one end of the wire is on the negative of the battery and another end is briefly touching the coin, i.e. the positive of the battery.

diy toy motorI like the Energizer AA cell. It has a small dent at the negative. It can hold the wire’s tip nicely.

It just spins.

I will do some research about the theory behind and post it later. Thanks for reading.


The Simplest Possible DIY Toy Motor
Article Name
The Simplest Possible DIY Toy Motor
DIY toy motor cannot be simpler. You need a coin, some magnets, a used battery and a wire. No glue and no soldering. It just spins. It amazes kids.

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