Film vs Digital Photography – Grains vs Pixels Revisited

I have had recently an opportunity to reunite with some film cameras and tried on a Leica CL. It is a camera older than me.

Leica CL

I am impressed by its cosmetic and functional conditions. I really wondered if it had been buried in a dry box for almost four decades. The lens is Summicron-C 1:2/40.

Over the next few days, I will make the camera doing the job it has missed for decades.

Films differ CCD (or CMOS) sensors by the orientations of the light sensing elements.

The chemicals are randomly oriented on the film. They are the grains on the pictures.

The semiconductor sensors are neatly lined up on the CCD or CMOS wavers. They are the pixels.

Though human eyes cannot distinguish individual grain or pixel from the picture, the general experience of watching a film photo and a digital photo are quite different.

I have loaded the CL and will take it out to do some street photography.

The lock is at the bottom of the camera. There is not even a scratch at the bottom. I have some wrinkles on my face.

Leica CL cover

This is its interior.

Leica CL internal

Open the flap and we can see the shutter screen.

Leica CL shutter screen

Load the film. It is a Fujifilm ISO 400 black and white.

Leica CL load filmClose the cover and set the film ISO to 400.

Leica CL ISO

It is ready to go.

I will post the pictures in a few days. Stay tuned.

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