What $5 can buy? – Fiverr

Their creativity is beyond my imagination.

I hit fiverr.com by accident and found it is a hub of many many talented people. They are selling their creativity, imagination, skills, … for $5 only. Viewing the videos and pictures of their services is entertaining enough to me and my kids.

I bought a tailor made voice mail message from kymmypops¬†on impulse. I couldn’t help calling myself again and again to hear her voice.


Or, you can have President Obama to say something to your friend on his birthday.

Having parenting problems? A registered child psychologist charges only $5 to answer 5 questions and gives advices.

This chin-face makes me laugh hard.


The world is changing. The job market is shrinking. I can see they are enjoying what they do to support themselves.

$5 and $5 and $5, … they are accumulating some wealth along the path achieving their financial independance. I wish great success to everyone of them.


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