Eye-Catching Title – Review of How Children Succeed



Being a dad of a daughter and a son, I bought the book of Paul Tough by my kindle without a second thought.


I definitely want my children be successful. Who doesn’t?

What I expected was learning the communication, teaching, coaching, … skills to guide my kids on the track to a successful life. Turned out the book is the vision of Tough on the education reform. So, how the children succeed? The book hardly tells anything.

From the book, I can guess Tough is a chess savvy. He spent pages to describe how some kids learned playing chess. The description is so detailed that only a big fan of chess can appreciate. I am not such a fan, I could not stand and skipped that part.

I find the title of the book is eye-catching but it is not an accurate description of its contents. The title should be “Tough’s Dream of Ideal Education”.

The pricing of the book’s kindle version is quite interesting. It changes quite regularly. Its range has been from as low as $7.xx to today’s $11.45. I bought it at $11. I am not suggesting you buying it low unless you want to know what is Tough’s dream.

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