Kindle Screen Problem

Last Saturday, my daughter’s kindle has some problems – part of the screen blanked and part of it cannot refresh.

Kindle Screen Problem

I reset it.

Kindle Screen Blank

The blank part remained blank and part of the screen saver remained unresponsive.

The one-year warranty expired two months ago. It had never been dropped or dipped.

I searched through the web and amazon site. Tried all the technical options to reset and restore. The screen could not be saved.

I eventually reached the support hotline. A nice gentleman picked up the phone and offered me a replacement of the kindle at $65.

After a brief struggle, I accepted the offer and thanked him for the help.

Right after I hung up the phone, I received an email from amazon that if I could ship the bad kindle back within one month, the $65 could be waived. Why not?

Wow. The new kindle arrived after two days.

Kindle New and Old

It started nicely and all my daughter’s ebooks were synced.

New Kindle Restarted

I used the packing of the new kindle to send the bad kindle back in this morning.

Amazon paid all the shipping charges – two ways.

The experience is just great.


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