Kindle’s Classics

Amazon’s ebook market is an interesting ecosystem. The same book can be free and $12.64 at the same time. There is a free Les Miserables and 131 paid versions. They are all by Victor Hugo.

The free one:


Some of the 131 paid ones:


Some of them dare to charge you $12.64 for a free ebook. OMG. 🙁

I believe the free classic ebooks are offered by amazon as an incentive for people to buy Kindles or installing it Kindle ebook reader apps.

It is interesting to see amazon not controlling its publishers and allowing them to putting up paid copies of the free books.

If you are interested in downloading free amazon classics, you can find it here. You can download A Tale of Two Cities, Jane Eyre, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Mysterious Island, Crime and Punishment, …

Enjoy reading.

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