Lensbaby Macro by Lensbaby Muse

Lensbaby muse is an interesting lens that the flexible lens body can be pressed and extended to shoot far and near objects.

The extension of the lens is not enough to take macro photos.

I attached a 20mm macro extension tube on it and tried it out over the weekend. Unlike the original lensbaby macro converter, the extension tube is installed between the lens and the camera.

lensbaby macro tube 20mm

I removed the aperture disc of the lensbaby muse and make the depth of field (DOF) very shallow. It made focusing very difficult. After several attempts, I got this.

macro lensbaby muse

And this.

macro lensbaby 9lensbaby macro 8

I put the camera on the ground and shot some random pictures of the grass.

lensbaby muse macro tube

The results:

lensbaby muse macro 1

lensbaby macro 10lensbaby macrolensbaby macro 9macro lensbaby 4At home, I took out a DVD drive laser head and tried it with the lensbaby macro.

lensbaby macro 5Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have tried it out and share your photos below.

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