Lensbaby Muse – Beginner Tricks

The lensbaby muse has been with me for some time. I’ve recently searched through my hard disk and found some pictures I’d taken since day one.

As a beginner, I found it is easier to take pictures of closely packed objects. The lensbaby muse is a full manual focus lens. It is not easy to take a sharply focused picture by an amateur photographer like me.

For beginners, I suggest to start shooting closely packed objects. If you are shooting a group of closely packed objects and missed the intended target, you may get a sharp hit at its neighbors. Like this one.

lensbaby muse 3Or this one.

lensbaby muse 5


I like shooting groups of tiny flowers. It is difficult to miss all of them.

lensbaby muse 11 Some more practices.

lensbaby muse 7

lensbaby 4


After some trial-and-error, I got something like these.

lensbaby muse 9

lensbaby muse 1

lensbaby 8 I sometimes took black-and-whites.

lensbaby black and white



Lensbaby Muse - Beginner Tricks
Article Name
Lensbaby Muse - Beginner Tricks
Lensbaby Muse beginner tricks - step-by-step capturing photos by the all-manual lensbaby muse lens. It is good to start with closely packed objects.

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