Lensbaby Muse – Some Attempts

This is another low cost toy. Mine is the very basic Lensbaby Muse – the ultimate manual model. Everything is manual.

Lensbaby Muse

I took some time to learn how to control it – squeezing the tube to focus far objects and pull it to take marco photos. The images from it is quite different from merely large aperture lenses.

A photo of 50mm f/1.2.

Lensbaby1Take it by the lensbaby muse.


Tilting the focus to the left corner.


Lensbaby2Frankly, it is quite difficult to get a sharp focus. The lens does not have any feedback signals to the camera. The only focusing kit is my eye. There are sometimes surprises when I don’t know what to expect.

Lens baby 1Some black and white photos.

lensbaby black and white

lensbaby muse

lensbaby muse

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