Model Camera – DIY with Kids

Haven’t taken any photos by wet film for about a decade. But buying a film camera is not an economic option until I saw this model camera and ordered it online.

twin lens reflex cameraIt arrived in the Easter Holiday. Great timing.

There are some sample photos on the box.

model diy cameraLooks like photos taken by Lomos. Anyway, those are the pictures taken by plastic lens.

Opened the box.

diy toy cameraAnd the manual.

model cameraWe spent a Sunday afternoon to build it. It’s easy enough for the Dad and challenging enough for the kids.

kid building cameraWe’re proud of what we built.

classic camera modelThat’s what we saw in the view finder.

classic camera view finderWe will load the toy camera and shoot a few pictures in the next few days.

Stay tuned to see what we captured by this classic model camera.


Posted on 2013 Apr 9

Eventually, we finished the roll of film and brought it to development.

It is unbelievable. The shop needed five days to develop one roll of film. The one-hour development had long gone.

I will post the pictures by the next week.

Wish me good luck.

Posted on 2013 Apr 13

The photos are here.

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