My Arduino

Photo 6-1-13 17 05 28

I’ve fallen in love with open source hardware after I received this handy micro-controller board.

Bought it from It arrived 23 hours after I pressed the “buy” button on my iPhone. The Arduino UNO starter kit comes with two tiny bread boards, some (over 10) LEDs of various colors, resistors, transistors, sensors (light and magnetic), connecting wires…

I downloaded the development tool in my iMac. I must say that Macs have penetrated the market better than I imagined. In the old days, most of the development tools were Windows based only.

The development tool comes with simple examples. I tried the “Blink”, changed some codes and have my first project done – a LED flashes once every second. Not bad.

The Arduino and the breadboard are dangling around. I am thinking of some way to make them neat and tidy. Putting them in a box is an option. Will post it when the project is done.

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