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This is the first article I write by the WordPress app on my iPhone. With a smaller keyboard, I need some time to get used to it. I think if I can master it, I can be more mobile to record what I do and what I like.

My Kindle ebook reader.


It has been with me for almost two years. It is the classic keyboard version. It costed me $139. Though the keyboard occupies part of its surface, it’s still very handy. It is lighter than almost every printed book I have. I like making notes while reading, the keyboard is quite useful. However, there is no auto cap-lock and spell check function. Even the keyboard is larger than the iPhone’s, I could only type slowly

Unlike iPad or other tablets, the non-glossy e-ink display of kindle is just beautiful for reading text. The characters on the e-ink screen are even clearer than those printed on paper. Also, my kindle does not distract me while I am reading. It receives no email. It has no fancy apps and games. It just let me read the books I like.

The reader is tough enough for me to drop it a couple of times and still remain in good shape – only some starches at the corners. It works just like the first day.

Most of the ebooks in are not cheaper than their printed versions. The ebooks cost nothing in printing, storage and shipping. No wonder amazon is now making more money in selling ebooks than printed books.

One thing good about kindle is that amazon is offering a lot of free ebooks for kindle readers to download. If you do not own a kindle, you can still install the kindle ebook reader app and read those free ebooks.

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