Nerf Sharp Shot Trigger Not Retracting – Repair

My Nerf Sharp Shot’s trigger has became unresponsive. The situation has deteriorated over the last couple of weeks. It cannot retract by itself anymore.

I decided to do a minor surgery on it.

Photo 10-3-13 17 40 24It is a relatively simple Nerf gun. Luckily there is no cracks or damages inside the gun. The sluggish trigger can be cured by greasing the moving parts.

Photo 10-3-13 17 43 00 Added some grease at the piston catch guide.

Photo 10-3-13 17 43 30

Also add some at the blue piston catch.

Ok, let’s see how the trigger works.

Good. I can put everything back.

My Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot is good as new again.


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