Nikkor H.C 5cm f2 – A Colorful Walk

The Nikkor -H.C 5cm f2 is an interesting gear. It is from Nippon Kogaku Japan. A M39 Leica screw mount lens couples well to both LTM and Leica M mount (with adapter) camera. The rangefinder focusing couples 3.5 feet to infinity. The lens offers another range of focusing from 3.5 feet down to 1.5 feet. In that range, their is no coupling with the rangefinder. While turning the focusing ring, there is a click at the 3.5 feet mark to prompt the user that he is crossing the boundary. Nice feature.

Nikkor-H.C 5cm f2 lens

Over the last few sunny weekends, I bought it along and captured some pictures.

I put it on my handy Fujifilm xe-1.

Someone might have knitted it over the Christmas.

Nikon Nippon Kogaku f2 50mm

Cropped it and you can see the fine strings. Quite impressive.

Nikon Nippon Kogaku 50mm f2

I turned the focusing ring all the way to the 1.5 feet limit and took several closeups. The aperture was set at f4 to f5.6. By the way, the aperture range of the lens is from f2 to f16.

Nikon f2 Nippon Kogaku 50mm

Nikon Nippon Kogaku 50mm f2 1

Nikkor-H.C 5cm f2 marco

Nikkor-H.C 5cm f2 macro

I might have made the color temperature wrong in this one.

Nikon Nippon Kogaku 50mm f2 2This lens is really great in restoring the colors and textures.

Nikon Nippon Kogaku 50mm f2 3

Nikkor-H.C 5cm f2

When the aperture is wide opened, the picture is still sharp.

Nikkor-H.C 5cm f2 sharp

Nikkor-H.C 5cm f2 color

I will start taking black and whites by it. Stay tuned.


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