Pinhole Photography – Dirt Cheap Pinhole Lens DIY

I saw some great black and white photos taken by pinhole lens on the web. What’s so special of a pinhole photo is has infinite depth of field. All objects are equally clear, or equally blur, in the picture.

I also believe a pinhole lens is the purest lens. There is no glass and coating. The pinhole is nothing but a hole for light to pass through. What’s being captured by the film or the CCD is showing its original color.

There are some pinhole lenses in the market like this one.

cap-pinhole-lens-redIt is really nothing but a hole on a camera cap.

Ok, I took out my unused camera cap and DIY one to try it out.

pin-hole_0011I drilled a hole at the center of the cap. It does not require to be accurately at the center. It won’t show any difference if the hole is slightly shifted.

The pinhole is to be much smaller than the hole I drilled. The smaller the hole, the sharper the image.

I grabbed a small piece of tin foil from the kitchen.

pin-hole_0012 Cut the foil to a nice rectangle and tap it on the cap.

pin-hole_0013Use a pin to make a very tiny hole on the tin foil.

pin-hole_0014Put the cap on the camera.

pin-hole_0015Done. It is my DIY pinhole camera.

OMG. I could not see anything from the view finder and all the first few pictures I took were just black.

The hole is just too small for visible amount of light to pass through.

I hooked up the flash and tried again. Yes, I started to get something.

I did some random shooting. The pictures:



If I could make the pin hole smaller, I should have sharper images.

Have a closer look at the pictures, I saw some black patches on them. All the patches are on the same location. It is time to wipe the camera’s CCD.

Thanks for reading.


Pinhole Photography - Dirt Cheap Pinhole Lens DIY
Article Name
Pinhole Photography - Dirt Cheap Pinhole Lens DIY
DIY a pinhole lens and take black and white photos. The pinhole lens give infinite depth of field and the purest color. A DIY by dirty cheap camera cap.

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