Praying Mantis – Nanoblock Toy

I received this present from my lovely daughter on the Fathers’ Day. I had no time to build it until today.

Nanoblock Praying MantisWhy nanoblock? My daughter loves nanoblock. She owns a couple of it.

Why praying mantis? I think it is in memory of a pet I once had. I had a praying mantis as a pet. It is the king of all insects. See how it hunt a cricket.

The stealth and speed of a mantis has been mimicked in Chinese Kung Fu. See how a Kung Fu master did that.

There are many books about that type of kung fu.

What’s inside the package of the nanoblock?

Nanoblock Praying Mantis Content

I spent some time to build it. I recorded it in time lapse.

I like the green and lively mantis

Thanks for reading.

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