Raspberry Pi – Another Adventure

Raspberry Pi (RPi) has been quite a hot gadget recently. I could not help but get one from element14. It is a single-board computer with a 700MHz processor. Unlike the Arduino, it is more of a computer for higher level programming and more complex computation. Arduino is more of a micro-controller with rich I/O interface.

I also bought a shell for my RPi.

RS Raspberry Pi case

Inside the box.

Raspberry Pi case unbox

Snap the Raspberry Pi on bottom of it.

Raspberry Pi case step 1

Put the lit up.

Raspberry Pi case

It is well protected.

After having a second look at the case, I regretted a bit. All the control I/O ports are covered. I want to make some control projects using the I/Os. That means I have to buy another case or I have to make some openings on it. If you are not a pure software geek but want to solder some hardware and connect it to the RPi, you should consider buying a case with openings at those I/O ports. Like this one.

RPi case

P.S. –┬áIf you buy the same Raspberry Pi case like mine, you have to snap the board to the bottom first though putting the board in the bigger cover is more tempting. Just like what I did it wrongly at the first attempt.

Raspberry Pi case wrongI quickly figured out that I could not put the whole thing together. It took me some time to take out the board and did it all over again.

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