Rubber Band Gun DIY in 5 Minutes

Rubber Band Gun

A simple and powerful rubber band gun made by chopsticks and rubber bands only. A good sunday afternoon diy with kids. The material is dirt cheap.

To make the rubber band gun, we need two pairs of chopsticks and some rubber rubber bands. I used the disposable bamboo chopsticks from a Chinese restaurant. They always come with takeaway food. Instead of throwing them away, I recycle them to a toy for my kids.

rubber band gun supplies

Step 1:

Cut the first chopstick into three pieces. They are the trigger (leftmost), barrel (middle) and front sight (rightmost, the shortest one).

Cut the second chopstick into two pieces. They will be the handle.

The remaining two are the gun’s body.

Rubber Band Gun Step 1

They will be tied together by rubber bands in the following ways.

Rubber Band Gun Step 3


Step 2:

Tie the front sight on the barrel.

Tie the barrel on the gun body.

Rubber Band Gun Step 4

Step 3:

Tie the handle on the gun body.

Rubber Band Gun Step 5

Step 4:

Tie the trigger.

Rubber Band Gun


Load the weapon (see the yellow rubber band between the front sight and the trigger).

Rubber Band Gun Loaded

The bullet (loaded rubber band) may apply some stress on the joints of the gun. If any joint bends or twists after you loaded the gun, you just need to re-tie that joint tighter.

How powerful is it? See it kills a fly easily.

This fly can take two shots from our fly killer!


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