Soldering Iron Stand – A James Bond DIY Version

All soldering iron stand are designed for desk-top use. They are bulky and not supposed to be carrying around.

I recently bought a battery powered soldering iron. It is handy yet powerful enough to handle most component soldering. I like it.

It does not fit well into common soldering iron stands.

The battery powered soldering iron has given me a new level of mobility. I want a soldering iron stand which has the same level of mobility. It is going to fit in my pocket like the secret weapons of James Bond.

My soldering iron looks like this.

battery powered soldering ironIt comes with a metal plate in the package – the one at the bottom of the photo with a small hole on it. I suppose it is the holder though it is not mentioned in the user manual. I am going to use it as part of the soldering iron stand.

Bill of materials – a candy tin, a soldering iron sponge and a card clip.

diy soldering iron stand

diy soldering iron stand 1


Step 1 – Detach the clip.

diy soldering iron stand 2

Step 2 – Use plier to crimp the clip to the shape below.

diy soldering iron stand 3

Step 3 – Attach the metal plate on the clip by a screw.

diy soldering iron stand 5

Step 4 – Glue the clip in the candy tin.

soldering iron stand diy

Slide the cover. It is just a candy tin which fits well in any pocket.


Soldering Iron Stand - A James Bond DIY Version
Article Name
Soldering Iron Stand - A James Bond DIY Version
A James Bond DIY version soldering iron stand. DIY by a candy tin and a card clip. It fits well in every pocket. It is cheap and mobile.

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