Use a Pencil to its Last Inch

I always found dumping a pencil at one-third of its length was wasteful. My big hand could not hold short pencils well.

Reuse pencil

There is a way to extend a pencil’s life to its final inch.

What I need is a piece of paper of roughly A4 or letter size and some tape.

recycle pencil

First, cut the paper into half. For extending one pencil, you only need half of the paper.

extend pencil by paper

Second, tap about half an inch of the pencil’s end at the paper.

extend pencil

Third, roll the paper tightly on the pencil.

entending pencil

Finally, tap the open end of the paper.

use pencil to last inch

The pencil’s length is doubled. A pencil too short to be used can be reused to the last inch.

I hope this simple project can extend your pencils’ ┬álife and make the earth greener.

Do it with the kids and protect our environment.

<2014 -01-03>

I have used the short pencil for a few weeks. It is now a very short pencil.

short pencil

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