Walking with my Leica Elmar 5cm f3.5 Lens

I has been raining over the last few weeks. Eventually a sunny day has arrived. I can bring some of my kits out to shoot around.

This Leica Elmar 5cm lens is tiny, handy and solid. In order to concentrate on shooting but not worrying what lens to use, I only brought it with my Fujifilm X-E1. The lens can retract safely into the camera body.

Leica Elmar on Fujifilm XE1

Yes, the camera sensor is safe.

The tree with red flowers like fire greeted me en-route.

Leica Elmar 5cm sample

At f5.6, every single leaf is sharp and crisp.

Elmar Leica 50

The floor is still wet.

Leica Elmar 50 sample

People at Mong Kok pedestrian street. Packed.

50mm Leica Elmar

5cm Leica Elmar

Almost missed it. The rain has brought new life to a¬†gap on the wall. Even at f3.5, the image is crisp and sharp. Great works of the Fuji’s focus peaking.

Leica 5cm Elmar sample

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